best silicone for moulding?

I've sculpted a dinosaur head and am ready to make a mould for it, but i am unsure how to make a mould of it or what to use.


  • Hi Jake,

    How you make your mold will depend on what you want the finished casting to do, and what material you want your finished casting to be run in.

    Here's one good lesson that is a collection of tips for various types of mold making.

    How to Make a Mold - Mold Making Tips with Rob Freitas

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    Hello Jake,

    My favorite silicone is the Smooth On- Moldmax 30.

    It should be degased with a vacuumchamber or by dripping it in thin streaks from a higher point into another cup.

    Its viscosity is thin and has a real pot live about ~1,0 to 1,5 hours before it starts to kick. 
    Enough time to catch up details with the airflow of an airbrush, after you have brushed on the silicone with a regular brush.

    It can be thickened up with a thickener called Thi- Vex by Smooth On. By adding that, you are able to brush on (or by using a spatula) thick layers on verticals and to build up strength.

    I do every kind of molds with that silicone.


  • Moldmax 30 is great, and widely used.

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