New Davy Jones Costume - upgrade

Ok guys, it is on ...... My friend in Connecticut s being really secretive about his pirate costume for this years Disney cruise. Apparently he's beavering away in his garage , and even his wife isn't allowed in!! so I'm proposing to rebuild my Davy Jones costume...... Only better ( I hope)t I've only been doing this since the beginning of last year ( see my other costume post) but I'm hoping to use my first build experience ( including the failures) and the stuff I'm continuing to learn from the Stan Winston School to develop an upgraded costume. Here's the plan... DJ mask will be in latex and have animatronics for the tentacles. Mouth will be operational to allow me to talk, drink and breathe this time..... Without removing the mask. The claw and leg will be made the same as before, except maybe try fibreglass instead of foam. The claw will operate better to open wider. The rest will be mostly the same. So thats the plan anyway, but I might have to adjust it as I go, as I'm kinda making it up as I go along again If there's any interest in a build series of posts, then let me know, if not I'll just put on the final result. I might put a couple of videos on, if all goes well. Anyway, let me have your thoughts, as I need to get started .
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