Homework Week one



  • Hi (Good Moring?) everyone!

    Here's some brain storming I've been doing regarding my homework assignment!

  • Hey Shannon,

    Apologies for the delay in posting... I feel like a scruffy bear cat coming back from the wilds.
    It's been a long week, lots of client meetings and bread and butter projects to push on this week.
    I was hoping for a relaxed week, ie: more website/sculpting time!  :)
    Thank you so much for your advice and encouragement. I really appreicate the time you're putting
    in, to reviewing everything.

    When you asked me, that you wanted to see something that says something about me... flip,
    I thought dinosaurs, monsters, dragons, robots, studies in animal anatomy, fineart figureative work...
    I just didn't know for sure what direction to go in. So, I made some quick drawing concepts that I could
    possibly carry through into a character sculpt of some description.

    It can be hit and miss when breaking into a project and I have no action plan.
    By that I mean I make it up as I go along and hope I'll get lucky and hammer out
    something cool, but do it in relatively good time. Otherwise it could be a miss and it
    takes too long to find something that works. So I did the brain storming thing, tried
    to eek out what my mindset is doing right now etc.
    Outside of my obcession with dinosaurs and dragons, I stemed away from that alittle,
    and tried to think alittle on the diverse side, insects, crabs, tree/humanoid things. I've been
    fixated with a character idea called the Trinket thief, so there's a bit of him in there.
    I feel like I'm chasing my tail abit though...  hehe.
    The furthest I've gotten on this is with these drawing ideas. I wanted to paint them up
    alittle with tone etc, I only have the raw drawings to show for now.

    Just last month, I was at the local musesum here doing a study on their £50k replica of
    a Triceratops. I'd love to push that into a sculpt, but it would probably be a reference study, as opposed to a character concept. Unless I take something from it and make something new. (Triceratops drawing at the bottom of this post)

    Thanks again for your kind and helpful advice regarding my blogsite. Yeah, it's disordered and
    it's hard for any new comer to the site to know properly how to navigate on there. Not good!
    So my current blogsite aside, it's time I put a proper website together that
    doesn't look like a discussion board! I'm glad you suggested that, it was pretty obvious to. Geez.  That's why I'm here I guess!

    After looking at what everyone else is doing I'm completely gobsmacked at the pletheora
    of amazing projects and volume of it to! So many improvements made in just under a week. 
    I'm looking at 'Squarespace' right now, they seem to have a good reputation for building
    websites, especially for artists. If anyone has any other suggestions, I'm all ears.

    I'm glad you like Gwangi! 
    He was unfinished at the time, he has come on alot since though. I don't update enough!
    I have an unfinsihed Harryhausen designed cyclops I was working on aswell, I even took all the
    reference imagery I could find and started recreating the original armature (digitally) for Cyclops.
    I love working on vintage dinosaur designs after spending time working on dinosaurs that are more
    anatomically correct going by what we know today. I kind of miss the tail support/dragging
    thing I have to say! I loved the photo you made of your dinosaur sculpt by the way. (Is it a brontosaurus?)  Love the design, the pose and the details. Your insane experience shines.

    Thankyou again for your valued help and advice, looking forward to class! :) 

    Chat soon everyone!



  • Hello, I had some problems with my camera, but finally fix it so i had a pic of a skull, just trying to have a clear natural light to show the skull as it is.
  • I know you posted them in the hangouts page, but I closed it before I got them, so could everyone post links to their Facebook page here?  I'd love to share some of your work and sing your praises on my page. :)

    Mine is http://www.facebook.com/shellypinderfx

  • Hello Stars!  Had a great second day with you all!!!
  • Devin WhiteDevin White TX, USA
    edited February 2014
    Shelly, great idea.  We are fb.com/BlueRealmStudios.  If you are on someone's Facebook fan page, you can actually "like as your page" by going to the little gear symbol next to "message".
  • Ha ha!  I love it!  I look like I just got a happy surprise.  :)

    Charlie, I shared your page and American Made Monsters' page yesterday.  Hope it gets y'all (yeah, I'm Texas) some new followers.
  • haha... nice job on the SWSCA Squares. That's getting printed and put on my wall!  

    PS:   w  o  u  l  d       a  n  y  o  n  e       l  i  k  e       t  o      p  l  a  y      a      n  i  c  e     g  a  m  e      o  f       c  h  e  s  s ?

  • Hey everyone, I have a quick Facebook question,

    Do I create a personal Facebook page or business Facebook page? I'm reading that the business FB page has less options than a personal page. I'd love to hear some advice on that. The business FB startup page has various different options; ie: local business, company organisation, artist-band or public figure, Entertainment etc etc. 

    Is it possible to have a number of FB pages under the one account?

  • I personally have 4 fb pages for my various jobs/hobbies.  A personal page is usually more your personal life and for people to "friend" you.  A business page would be for more for fans/clients.  Even if they are both just "Peter Cooper," I would recommend a fan page for things like search optimization and more easily distinguishing yourself as an artist.  I've seen both strategies though.  I know StudioADI and others are just set up like personal pages.
  • Thanks for that Charles. Yeah I have a personal page, that I rarely use! I need to allow social media into my veins... like a disease. (creature idea alert!). I created a new business orientated page within my account. I've been busy adding in the basics and contact information just as Matt Winston emphasized. Thank goodness for Google tech. I've been exploring YouTube videos on the subject.

    It's starting to dawn on me the mountain I've to climb regarding building a website and photographing my work etc. Good times though!

    I totally agree with you on the optimization part and being able to distinguish myself as an artist better. Interesting what you're saying about StudioADI. I'll check that out for sure.

    Thanks again for your help, it's very appreciated!


  • The big thing I've noticed (and Matt mentioned) is that a business can't share items from personal pages.  For instance, I've got a friend who is an amazing face and body painter.  I tried to share her stuff on my business facebook page, but it wouldn't allow me to do so.  Luckily, she had a business page, so I shared that one instead.  If you want other businesses to promote you, a business page is the way to go.

    I'll still be uploading new work to my personal page as well.  Yeah, it's a pain with all the things that have to be maintained, but this is how we start, right?  Someday, we'll be able to pay someone else to do this stuff.  :)
  • Shannon,

    I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but I did more work on my site and was wondering if you could take a look. I'm still getting the interior cleaned up, so please don't worry about that.  I just want to know what you think of the landing page.  Is it more to-the-point? 
  • www.shellypinder.com

  • SHELLY!!!  SOOOOO much better!
    Well done!

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