MISSING SOCKS ?? I think I have the answer....

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Missing socks ? Well I found your Thief.
The Sock Thief is a marionette I made as my part in the live course "Mastering Marionettes" run by Scott land.
It was my second time making a marionette and I strived to go above and beyond what was asked of me on the course.

My puppet the Sock Thief is an original design I came up with based on my child hood imagination of where all the missing socks went. It has blinking eyes, moving mouth, twitching ears and tail, moving arms and legs, hidden access hatch at back of head and a magnet in paw to allow pick up of prop socks. 

For your enjoyment, I also have a short film staring this puppet.
Short Film "The Sock Thief"

I hope you enjoy my Sock Thief as much as I do and may all your socks stay safe.

Thank you for your consideration,
~ Jamie 

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