Puppet contest

I'm entering Kyle from despicable me. I loved him in the movie, he's little but fears...! His head is made with EVA foam. His body and legs are made of upholstery foam, covered with faux fur. His nose is made with epoxy putty, and eye balls made with plastic balls. Teeth and antenna are made with EVA foam. He is designed to wear on my wrist, like he is biting me. I also held him and animated him like the movie. I could see from in my costume, people smiling and pointing others to him. All the times I've entered costume contests, I have never included or animated a puppet before. I really enjoyed it because it was fun becoming a small fearless animal. I was thinking be "Kyle", be "Tasmanian Devil" from Bugs Bunny, be the dog from the movie "The Mask". I look forward into including other puppets into future costumes.

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