Wanting to make masks but where do I start?

I am an amateur prop & costume designer. Been creating props for haunted attractions here in Minnesota for the past year or so & I am hoping to further my knowledge. have recently been creating sculpts with mannequin heads using an oil based sulphur free plastina clay & have progressed quite well. Recently picked up some hydrocal, have not used it yet as I am not sure what to do & I do not want to ruin my sculpts. Very interested in what this sight has to offer, just not sure where I should start. I am just wondering what classes or tutorials would be good for beginner mold & mask making (silicone,latex,foam,etc.)? & are you able to watch them multiple times? I am quite passionate about this & any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thank you for the input. What is a good tutorial for casting silicone,latex,foam,etc. from either a single or two part stone mold? Want to start creating my own masks, I am a beginner. Never done this before so I am seeking something simple to start with.
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    Christopher - did you begin one of the classes suggester here yet? If so, how is it going if I may ask? I seem to be right at the stage you described that you were, I have done the sculpts, and have made my mold and that's all so far...
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    I have not begun any of the classes yet. Just trying to find the right ones for me before I commit. I will probably check out Gary Yee's stone mold making tutorial. I am just trying to find a good beginner tutorial for making silicone &/or latex masks with a single &/or two part stone mold. Once I figure that out I will most likely commit to those two classes, just want to make sure that I have the best tutorials for my needs of educating myself. I will probably have to purchase alot of the necessary tools/ingredients needed for each tutorial through the school, & unfortunately I am not a rich man & I just want to make sure that the tutorials I choose are the best fit for me.
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    you should check out monstermakers dot com, they have a kit that has everything you need to make your first mask. As you gain experience, you will learn the best types of , well, everything, that you prefer to use and where to get it, but for starting out, it's a good complete kit. Coupled with the lessons from these videos, you'll be making mask in no time.
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