Look alike hand puppet, inspired by Don Vito Corleone

This is a look alike puppet, based in Don Vito Corleone, from the movie The Godfather. He is a half body puppet.
His body, arms and ears are made of sheets of foam, and I used a block of foam to carve his head. I added small pieces of fleece around his eyes, to create  wrinkles, and used eye shadows for his makeup. His mustache is handmade/knotted, and his hair is an acrylic wig, stitched to the head.  His eyes are styrofoam balls, which I painted with acrylics. The wardrobe is also made by me.
I decided to create puppets, due to my passion for the Muppets, about 2 years ago. So I began watching lots of videos, and got started. I never use any pattern for my characters, because I prefer to use a couple of pictures, and put them in front of me.

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