student discount ???

ok I'm probably just getting a bit flustered, but I'm not getting any response i realise its a holiday in the us as well as the uk so i expect the staff are taking a very well deserved rest, but here is my problem! i want to take advantage of the student discount for the years subscription, i sent in my proof I'm a student and i got a code back but i wasn't able to get the subscription there and then as i was away from my computer, when i finally got the chance i put in the code i was given and it said it had expired, i have messaged back via the email address  that i got the code from but i haven't gotten a reply and I'm worried that if the 7 days expires will i still be able to get the discount as i applied for the code before the time was up? thoughts opinions ?


  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Hi Jonathan,

    Have you heard back from anyone about this yet?  We always get back to students ASAP so don't worry, we've not forgotten you. 

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