What is the difference between WED and chamotte clay?

Seeing as chamotte clay is much easier for me to get my hands on, I would love to hear that there is no difference ^^

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    Chamotte clay, WED clay, Super Sculpy, Wax, Stone, etc. ..., it doesn't matter what medium you sculpt in. What DOES matter is how much can you expand your SKILL as an ARTIST, and how far can you push your IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY!!! Now, at face value, this might seem trite. But, seriously,  what materials you have immediately available should never hold you back as far as how you express your artistry. You would be amazed at the artwork that can be created from the most basic of things. If you explore this forum and website, you will see a LOT of really great work. There is even an artist here, whom makes his creations simply from brown grocery bags, yet to look at the final objects you would NEVER  be able to tell!!!

    So, the most available clay at your disposal isn't WED clay. So what! DO NOT LET THAT STOP YOU FROM CREATING!!! Do what you can with this clay. It DOES NOT need to be fired, unless you want to. Granted, it may likely need to be spritzed with water more often, and sealed in plastic bags when you aren't working on it. But, you need to do that with WED too, just not quite as much, (psst, it's "secret ingredient" is nothing more than 30-40% glycerin to water in the mix!). When you can find and afford WED clay, get some. Until then, do not be held back because you don't have "the fancy stuff"!

    Grab some clay, ANY CLAY, and create. NEVER let availability of one material over another hold you back.

    -Jeffrey Warren Park


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