Class Preparation (Portfolio Review) (updated with comments from Shannon Shea)



  • Hey Shelly!

    I can tell that you really have a "can-do" attitude and that is saying A LOT!  FYI, building a walk-in foam oven is not THAT difficult if you know anyone who can help wire it.  Most of the time, you should be running it at 200 degrees or LESS, so if you are careful, and have someone who knows what they are doing wire it along with a thermostat, it can be a simple investment.  It is, however, NOT LEGAL - that said, all of the appliances run for EVIL DEAD II, PHANTASM II, and FROM BEYOND to name a few were run in a home-made oven.

  • I never realized that.  Do you mean it's not legal to have it at a residence?  Is any size legal or are you just not supposed to have an oven in your garage, period?
  • I'm saying it is not safe.  If the fire department found out (if your home caught fire as a result of it) you not only would find your insurance company would not cover the damages, but you might be facing criminal negligence.

    That's my warning...but...I can only tell you how we used to do things.
  • Here are some foam-latex built up suits in a home made oven.

  •[email protected]/sets/72157641001779343/ 
    Hey Shannon, here are 9 of my pieces with one new one i did this week for you!
    Once again thank you so much for this awesome opportunity, it was so cool getting to talk to you on saturday. I truly have a fire burning in my gut and just have to get into this field and show the world my art.So that being said I am all ears to your thoughts and advise and can not wait to talk again!!!
  • Hey Justin,

    Nice work man, I'm a fan! Really nice attitude in your recent character bust. Nice work. Is that chavant you're using or something else?

  • hey Pete, thanks again for the  kind words I really appreciate it. as far as the attitude in the character I have a large mirror at my work station and I jump up and down and make faces trying to imagine what my characters personality is. If you do this along with a stroooooonnnnnnggg handle on anatomy you can get some great personality in your work.  The clay is chavant nsp medium. I am no master but if you have any questions about sculpting contact me in my email and I do my best to help you out. thanks again man!!!!!

  • Justin,

    I thought the demon you did this week was great, i also try to focus on the expression of the character. 

    When i learned i did quick studies and i still do them to further my knowledge of the way the face moves. Do a basic sculpt and then make him smile, then change to an upset angry face, then something else and focus on what changes in all the features. I will post a link to Philippe YouTube which i learned from his DVDs, Books, and class. In 1 weekend we did studies to learn planes, changing features and shapes from a female to male from one ethnic to another, baby to old age and 2 portraits from models.

    This is just something to help out and have fun with. For me it is still helping me out with my sculpting abilities.

  • You all ROCK!  Such amazing, inspirational work!  Just a word of advice about the new assignment - DON'T STRESS - have fun!  Now, of course I'm playing the "producer" so you know I'm never going to accept your first, don't anticipate it.  Try to submit a bid that you will make the MAXIMUM amount of profit (which should be @ 20% - breaking even or making SOME profit is much more realistic).  I know you're all in different states, different skill levels, etc. so submit your bid to reflect YOUR expenses - not the Los Angeles numbers I showed you today.


  • hey brian, thank you so much it feels great to get this feed back  for all my hard work . your stuff is great as well! Along with the stan winston school videos which I have many, an artist I would recommend is David meng and his sculpture videos. The guy has some of the greatest character in his sculpture I have ever seen. thanks again!!!!!
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