Costume Mounting System

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- developed by Klay Jones

The key issue with the mounting system was chair variability and complex relational measurement. I think the solution is to mount based on the constant parameters, which are passenger derived (footrest, arm rest, head rest and push handles if applicable).
  • Build with the red connection points in mind. Frame can be bent, altered, lengthened, or extended to meet design requirements.
  • Does not depend or interact with suspension, wheels, wiring in the base, or plastic fender housings.
  • Clearly labeled Erector set design so a family could fully disassemble to fit in compact storage.
  • Mounting connections are easier for an assistant/parent to reach (as opposed to bolting through the base)
  • The frame is inherently the most compact dimensions possible which  is a key area all teams could improve upon (fitting through doors)
  • Off the shelf aluminum square stock avoids weight issues while keeping cost relatively low.
  • No welding required (off the shelf bracing/brackets at connection points)
  • We can wrap the aluminum for soft touch points (no sharp edges) and use double sided Velcro strap at each attachment point (no damage, fast on/off, no tools)
  • Personally, if the shell of my costume can't be supported by this setup, I would focus on lighter materials rather than more hardcore mounting.
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