Tutorial Review - Robot Brains - Animatronic Character Servo Control

I was surprised not to see a review of Rick's Galinson's tutorial. If this is something you need, Rick's tutorial is fantastic.  He efficiently painted a complete picture that filled in my education gaps with a-ha moments.  His chapter on Common Ground was one.  I feel like, Rick provided everything I needed for a solid working starting point.  

Rick's tutorial would pair nicely with Richard Landon's Cable Mechanism Basics.  

Thanks so much Rick! 



  • This is the first Stan Winston School tutorial I bought--a physical DVD no less--and loved it. From custom circuit boards to introducing me to microcontrollers which after a quick web search discovered the Arduino. I had a passing interest with robotics but this tutorial jump started me into learning code and servos. Rick makes basic robotics accessible to an individual like me is a great joy.
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