Materials for a foreigner?

Hey everyone,

My name is Rick and I'm a complete and total noob when it comes to monstermaking. 
Its not that I lack the skill or the enthusiasm. The problems I tend to run into is the materials. Seeing as I'm Dutch it's I'm having a really hard time to find even the simplest of things like the right kind of armature wire (I get really weird looks when I ask for 10mm thick wire).
So my question is: is there someone out there with a solution or is it possible to come up with alternatives? 

Thnx in advance 

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    Not answered (don't know how to change the status otherwise )
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    Thank you guys, I did figure out that in some cases you have to just wing it. Google is your friend right? I'm about to catch up on the difference between the various kinds of clays. It should help me make my shopping list a little easier and focused on what to buy
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