Fox Head Pattern

i am new to puppet building and have learned huge amounts from taking all of BJ Guyer's classes. I do not have confidence around foam patterning and am having difficulty figuring out how to create or add a fox's muzzle to the round head pattern. the muzzle is triangular shaped, like the fox from The Little Prince. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted!


  • I would suggest making a pattern out of paper or card stock and forming that into the shape you want.  You can always cut the paper/card stock back, or tape on/add new material.

    Another option is to sculpt the form you want, cover the sculpt with aluminum foil, then cover that with tape. (masking tape works great)  The foil backed tape will hold its shape when removed from the sculpt, allowing you to cut it into flat patterns.

  • Thank you. 
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