Unicorn creature work in progress...

I'm currently working on a bipedal unicorn creature thing for a cosplay/convention outfit. Two weeks left to get things finished! I'm following the Ted Haines muscle suit fabrication rebroadcast, which is saving my life. Since these pictures were taken, the head was mounted onto a cycle helmet, so the performer has more control over the movement of the head.

Done: Head base, ears, servo mechanism for ear movement, foam muscles, support harness for elastic neck 'ligaments'.

To do: Resin eyes, clear cast horn with UV pigment and fibre optic filaments, outer skin (fabric, mane, hooves, tail), digigrade-style leg padding.



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    Eeek, you've got your work cut out with a 2 week deadline, but the form is looking great so far! Look forward to seeing it finished!

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    Awesome, glad Ted's lesson has been helping you!  Keep those progress photos coming, and good luck meeting your deadline!

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    This is looking really cool so far!
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