Youtube video?

Can you guys make a youtube video about the forums ?

I don't think people notice it on the web page. I would really love to interact with more people interested in character creation.


  • Do you mean a promotional or a 'how to use' video Jared?

  • I was referring to a promotional video. I would just like to see this place become the center of the character/creature FX community.

    Get this place buzzing. " All the cool kids post at the Stan school forum."

  • I agree with you Jared, but I think most of the action is over on the facebook site.  There is a lot of activity over there.  I just am not a facebook person, so I would love to see more promotion of the fact that there is a forum.
  • I am also for this, I don't think many do realize there is a real forum. I mean I have had a simple question on here for about a week, but no one seems to be on to answer questions all that offten.
  • I think it just needs to be more clear that there are forums on the site.  They are really only promoted through the webinars, and as such there is very little activity here.

    Every tutorial should have a "discuss this in our forums" link.  No need to create a thread for every tutorial.  The existing comments section on each tutorial is great, but they are not really an idea place for more in-depth discussion, sharing of links/images, etc.

    I've been actively trying to respond to posts and answer questions in the hopes of encouraging forum activity, but it's still rather quiet here.

    In terms of community building around the SWSCA, this is the only real place.  Facebook is mostly fans (not people who are watching the tutorials, taking the webinars, building things, or active in the industry in other ways), and YouTube is really just linear comment threads tied to videos.

    The "Vanilla" forum also need a bit more cleanup/configuration.
    • Letting users edit their posts indefinitely (not just an hour after posting), changing the color of the edit post icon so it is visible with this color theme.  (It's a black gear icon that appears on the top right of your post, but is difficult to see)
    • All links posted in threads should have their target set to "_blank" by default, so image links open in a new window.  (or even a lightbox)
    • Announcement threads need to be removed or changed from announcement status after a while so they are not stacking up at the top of the screen and blocking new content.  (Click the "discussions" link at the top, which is where people should go to see new activity, and you will see that actual new activity is below a long list of old announcement posts)
    If you need any help drop me a line.  I've done a lot of forum software development/setup in the past (I was a lead software engineer at Disney for around 8 years before becoming a technology director)


  • Hi Chris,

    I signed up for the monthly plan and received my ID but have no idea how to activate a tutorial. I can hear them but the screen is black. Is it because it is the weekend, no body home? Does it take a special viewer program?

  • Hi Wayne if you are still having problems please contact [email protected] for customer service.
  • I've noticed the same thing on the forums. I've visited the Stan Winston website quite a few times before, but I only recently decided to create an account which encouraged my interest to further explore the website besides just the webcourses and that's when I finally found out about the forums.
    I will be trying to spread the word, but maybe the Stan Winston FB page can mention their forums, or something like that!
  • Hey Joshua,

    Many of the bugs mentioned earlier have been addressed, and I'm currently working on resolving a couple minor ones.  If you ever run into any bugs or functional/layout issues with the forums please feel free to drop me a message or shoot me an email at [email protected]

    We are working on promoting the forums a bit more, and I'm sure you'll see them mentioned on the SWS facebook page among other social media platforms soon.

    And of corse, any help spreading the word is greatly appreciated!


  • Awesome news Chris! Thanks for the help! I'll make sure to do what I can!
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