Greedo's Eyes

I've been looking for different methods to improve my visibility in my Greedo masks - I have been using clear half domes and airbrushing the insides of them lightly with dark purple paint. The problem is that the visibility for the wearer is greatly reduced, and the balance between seeing while wearing the mask and being seen inside the mask from an onlooker is difficult to find. Does anyone have a better solution? I am pretty certain my method can't be ideal. Thanks!


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    One option would be to keep the domes as you have them, with limited visibility, and then add a small crescent shaped slit below the domes, hidden in their shadow.  This would provide more visibility, and allow a bit of airflow.

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    With many furry costumes that have eyes that cannot been seen out of it is common to use the 'tear duct' of the character to see out of. A very open weave piece of black fabric works very well to stopping the outside looking in :)
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    Thank you Chris and David, that idea worked out quite well.
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