Hey everyone!

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Hi everyone, I've been following a lot of tutorials on here and I've finally got my act together and joined the forum! 

 Ive been sculpting for around 2 years now and i love it, i dont know many artistic people so struggle to talk to likeminded people, but now ive found all you guys  :)
I have managed to finally get a website put together with some of my favourite pieces and would love it if you guys would take a minute to look? Good or bad feedback would be amazing!

Im looking forward to getting involved in some of the projects and comps on here!

Any artists or studios on here UK based?



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    Hi Jacob, and welcome to the forum!

    Are you working on any projects now that our lessons have helped with?

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    Hi Chris, yes i had written somewhat more than what it says above but it seems to disappear when i post it? I will try again
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