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Estaba pensando que, con el crecimiento de la comunidad de alumnos en Stan Winston School of Character Arts, sería una buena idea tener un pequeño espacio en el foro para poder hablar acerca de nuestros proyectos (presentes o a futuro), películas y artistas favoritos, inspiraciones, así como compartir contenido, portafolios, contactos, etc. 
Me gustaría conocer a mis compañeros mexicanos para que podamos crecer como grupo y apoyarnos a la hora de crear monstruos.

¿Qué piensan? 


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    Hi Rodrigo,

    I'm writing this in english as I'm not sure I can trust google translator.  Your suggestion to have a forum section for artists from Mexico is great.  We do have many artists here from that region, and even more that speak Spanish.  The challenge there is we are an international community, and if we splinter off into many groups based on language or geography things might be a bit less inclusive.  We want to make sure everyone feels at home here.

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    Right! I'm aware of that, and that's the beauty of SWS, the whole intention of this post was to know how many alumni where in the nearby area and chat and share some pictures of proyects and such. 
    I do not want to exclude anyone in any way!
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    No worries, I may have just misunderstood the translation! :D   

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