Gelatine as a test skin

Hi Folks
I have slllooowwwlllyy (slowly) been working on a persona project of a realistic animatronic werewolf.  Unfortunately the two part mold that I used formaking his skin got broken - the inner part shattered and having already made an underskull from it I was faced with the problem of remaking it AND ensuring that all of the skin thicknesses were the same.

Sure I could do multiple pours of silicone and waste a ton of money fine tuning the inner mold but I really needed something that is translucent, reusable, and inexpensive.

Someone suggested Gelatine so I made up a batch using the formula from Todd Debreccini's book (if you don't know that one - get it - it's a bible for SpFx)

Anyway - Here are my results and I am very happy. I pulled it apart before the Gelatine had totally cooled but it's still great for reference.

Now I can add shims and sections it lessen the skin thickness :)


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    gelitin tip: If you put several drops of dishwashing detergent in the gelatin and froth it in a mixer, it acts much more like foam rubber.

    Great work.
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    Thanks. I need it translucent so I can work out additions to the inner mold before I do the final silicon pour
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