Helmet Brackets for Monster Suit

Hey, I'm working on a monster suit, and we're trying to attach the head to a bike helmet the way they do in "How To Build A Monster Suit with Bill Bryan and Ted Haines", and I notice they never really show how they bent the metal bracket on the helmet into shape. I am curious as to how the brackets were curved to fit the helmet and how they were bent symmetrically so that the head could be mounted above the helmet. But I don't know where to ask about that! It doesn't appear in the video. On Day 8 the helmet has no brackets, and on day 9 the brackets appear without explanation. I know they discussed pipe benders as a solution for bending aluminum pipes. Is that the same thing that was used for the helmet mounting brackets?

If there's a better place for me to ask this question let me know.


  • Hi Paul,

    This is the place to ask these kinds of questions!  I'll reach out to the team and see if anyone knows how things were bent for that lesson.  I've not watched that lesson yet, so I don't have any answers other than guessing how I might do it.

    Metal brackets are usually not too difficult to bend by hand.  Sometimes it's as simple as putting one end in a vice and bending it to the desired angle using a cardboard template as a guide.  You can also make wooden forms and bend the metal around those.  The bracket can be secured to the form with screws or clamps, allowing you to bend it to any angle.  You can also apply heat with a torch to make the metal a bit more pliable if it's being stubborn.  Forms are great because they make the task repeatable if you have multiple pieces that need to match.

    I'll let you know as soon as I hear back.


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