Making a transparent lid for brain

Hi guys! I'm making a cyborg with his brain showing. I'm looking for a flexible product I could use that is completely crystal clear to see through so you can see the brain. My appliance is foam therefore my vacform was too ridgid to sit in it correctly.

Any idea of a product I can use that I could build up in layers on top of my brain - but is still completely transparent (glass effect) so you can see my paint job on the brain.



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    One option would be to make a rigid version of your appliance to use as a vacuum form buck, and then use a clear plastic like PET.

    Making a custom buck is also good because you can oversize it slightly, that way the plastic shell over your appliance can have some space.   If there is no space between the appliance and the "lid" the illusion will not work as well.  Otherwise it would just look like a brain with a shiny plastic coating.

    Another option is the new transparent Worbla thermoplastic.   Here is a review with some info on that product:  http://www.worbla.com/?page_id=4013

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    Or if you need it more flexible there is Polycraft FC-6630 flexible water clear polyurethane liquid casting rubber which cures to shore A 55

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