Prosthetic 3D Transfer Makeup- Howard Berger

This DVD is absolutely great! Howard Berger is a Master at his trade. This DVD starts where the Tinsley Transfer DVD left off. The TT DVD teaches you how to make the transfers but then you need to know how to apply the transfer and make it up to look real and Howard Berger of the world famous KNB EFX in Hollywood California does A super good job in teaching his art in this DVD. Hope to see more from Mr Berger soon! Please? Pretty please?


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    Wow this tutorial was very enlightening. Learning how the great Howard Berger applies paint was absolutely phenomenal to learn. I liked the breakdown Howard gave on how to apply each transfer. I have to say that due to this specific video is why our show used bondo transfers last year. Thank you Howard for taking the time to make this tutorial and I hope to see another tutorial from you in the future.
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