How to make fake teeth- Cynthia Garza

I found this DVD Interesting and a bit more then just the basic teeth making DVD but I was hopping for a more advanced DVD. Perhaps parts two and three will fill me up? Also it would be great to see some teeth DVDs form other artists! If you have little to no experience making fake teeth then this DVD will be perfect for you. Lots of information here. Enjoy.


  • I thought this particular tutorial was very helpful. Using Skin Illustrator Pallets for paint instead of minute stains was awesome. That is one thing less that I have to buy. Watching how she sculpted teeth and gave them a very realistic form was also helpful. Then I learned about a new product Flex Acryl, Awesome Stuff. My actors love Flex Acryl so much and its all thanks to the Stan Winston School and Cynthia Garza. Hope to see another new video from her soon.
  • Hello, I am having a hard time finding/ buying Nic Tone monomer and flexacryl soft set. I found out that you need to be a licensed doctor to buy some of the dental materials. Where can I buy these materials with out needing a license?  
  • Only some retailers restrict sales based on their own policies.  If you search around you can find places that sell the same materials or similar brands.  Sometimes a specific brand or formula can be hard to find as things run low on stock, names change, companies rebrand, etc.   Usually, if you find a vendor that can't or won't sell it to you, you can ask them to recommend someone who will.  Don't be afraid to reach out to them via email or phone.

    I noticed flexacryl is not currently available on Amazon, so there could be stocking or shortage issues.  I know a lot of specialized materials have been running low or are difficult to find due to covid.

    Your best bet is to scour Google and reach out to manufacturers and vendors directly.  Sourcing materials has always been a core challenge in the world of special effects, especially since we borrow so many materials and techniques from other industries.

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