Tutorial Review - How to Make Eyes

John Cherevka is a very talented artist. I like his easy going nature in the way he shows how to do the various steps it takes to make an eye. John has lots of tips and advise, as well as reflections on things Stan Winston taught him, which John shares with us. I did some eyes for a puppet 30 years ago that turned out okay, they met the need at the time, but I always thought they could have been better. after watching this tutorial, I know they would be. I only have one issue with the tutorial and that is that you can not get any eyeball core masters or mounting plate. I am sure that I could locate some spheres and play around with the painting technique, but to do a complete, finished eye I will just have to think on what I can do. Even with this one issue I have, I think John's tutorial offers a lot of information. It is money well spent on this one. Matthew
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