Don Lanning

Don Lanning is awsome! I love his charater Design part One and two, and soon I will have part three. Don knows how to make you feel like you are in the classroom. But this is a classroom you actually want to stay in. He makes it so fun to learn and tells you everything you need as far as tools, reference, inspiration etc. His workshop style tutorials are must have to anyone who seeks to advance in the field of art. Thank you Don!


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    Don Don Don you are the Man! Thanks so much for your openness in sharing your lifetime of sculpting experience! You are a natural teacher and your funny delivery made me feel welcomed and eager to learn. Keep them coming Man, I have room for your next 20 DVD's!!!
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    Don thank you so much for all your knowledge. I wanted to tell you have. at the very least, a very informative teaching method, all the while not boring the reviewer to sleep. You are a very easy to follow and understand teacher and the depths of the techniques you teach is second to none. I wish I could attend the live webinars with you or even meet you in person. You have such a knowledge and the fact that you take the time to show it to the world is a great thing. Between Jordu and you, you both are the sole responsibilities for anything I could call my talent.  From the bottom of my heart thank you for everything you have done in your career and bringing this world to life right in front of our eyes. I cant wait for the next lesson from you!

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