Reptilian Alien CG Sculpture

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My stage name is Dragon Berzerk from Guadalajara Mexico,
I like filmmaking, write and make music, I try to be a perfectionist,

I'm a fan of Stan Winston since I was a child and I want to create creatures for movies like him.
It is the first time I make a sculpture on a computer, it is a kind of alien reptile,
the sparkle in his eyes is the iris, I hope you like it,
I think I have some talent for this or that was said my friends.

History: Every time, when you look at the sky and feel somebody looking at you from the highest,
it is they who are watching us.

I've never studied any of this and I do this just because I like.
Consider it an alien old school style.

I tried to make a video or an animation but I can't, because is my first 3d model and my first time using the software.
But I will try again and over again to finish it because I want to learn!!

Sorry for my english.

Thank you.

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