Jurassic Park T-Rex

Following on from a discussion in another thread where a seemingly straightforward project looks like it's going to be very expensive to bring to life, that got me wondering...
@Chris Ellerby I don't suppose you know how much the animatronic T-Rex in Jurassic Park cost to make? Even without factoring in the thousands of hours of paid work, I bet the materials costs were eye-watering!
I've watched every video I can find about that beautiful contraption but I've never seen any mention of what it cost.



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    That's a great question.  I'll have to see if I can hunt down the actual cost.  Just starting with the thousands of pounds of clay, steel armatures, and molds to run the foam latex skins the materials costs would have been in the tens of thousands.

    Not to mention the hydraulic control system and all its components, which was a monumental achievement on its own.

    Did you watch the SWS Jurassic Party event?  It was so amazing to hear stories from all the folks that built the dinosaurs for each film.

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    I haven't seen that but I'm on the case right now!

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    Thanks Chris, I received my private link this morning. Just need to find a spare 6 hours!

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    Awesome, I'm sure you'll love it.  Really amazing to get all those artists together and hear their stories!

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