After a life long obsession with Star Wars I wanted to test my skills by sculpting one of the most iconic aliens of all time.

Sculpted using super sculpey, painted with liquitex acrylic inks. Hair donated by my dog after visiting the groomer. Clothing made by me (with a little help from my wife).

The sculpture stands at approximately 2ft tall and took around 40 hours to complete


  • Thanks Matthew!!! 
  • That is awesome! Beautifully proportioned.

  • Thanks Stuart!!!! I wanted him to really look like a puppet, just like the original
  • You totally succeeded!
    Did you sculpt (or otherwise fabricate) the eyes too, or are they off the shelf ones?
    I've had great trouble finding any sort of eye blanks of the correct size for my current project. I'm not sure of the exact size I'll need yet until I get to the head, but I'm guessing around 30-34mm diameter. It seems really hard to find quality eyes or formers over 26mm. Looks like I'll probably have to make my own.
    The eyes are make or break on a project like this and yours look absolutely brilliant.

  • I make mine from scratch for the exact same reason, In fact the eye size was the very first thing i did for Yoda, The eyes are also super sculpey rolled into a half ball shape baked and painted prior to sculpting the rest of the head. 

    This video from Jordu Schell shows how to paint eyes at home perfectly.   

    here is a photo of the eyes mid construction. and on the head. (looks creepy) 

  • Awesome, thanks. That last one is super weird lol

  • No Worries, Making the eyes from scratch is well worth it!! (one of my fav parts) 
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