Scarlet Pit-mouth

Hey everyone, the name is Patrick Jorgensen. I'm a creature concept design artist based out of Montreal.

The Scarlet Pit-mouth is an ambush predator. By pivoting it's eye stalks the predator is able to see in various directions simultaneously. When prey is spotted, an extendable tongue lunges out the front of it's enormous mouth. With the prey incapacitated, it is then dragged back to the mouth chamber and smothered within. Three muscular legs help the creature to brace itself while prey is pulled back to the mouth. Large nasal passages at the top of the head allow for the creature to breathe while hunting in an aquatic environment. Thick sensory hairs can be seen sprouting from various parts of the body, further increasing it's spatial awareness. 

I hope you all enjoy this critter!

Always more stuff on my page,


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