Jack-knife Sprinter

Hey everyone, the name is Patrick Jorgensen. I'm a creature concept design artist based out of Montreal.

The Jack-knife Sprinter is a predatory creature. It's stream line head acts as a sonar chamber for navigating its environment. This arrow like head is relatively hollow and allows for air to pass through it's many openings. A long retractible proboscis rests within the head and can deliver deadly neurotoxins to it's prey.
The various black patches along the spine and tail act as heat conductors to catch early morning sun light. Despite having tripodal locomotion, the Jack-knife Sprinter is a a swift predator. The powerful back leg is swept under the body while in unison with the two forelimbs. A stiff fan like tail keeping balance all the while.

I hope you all enjoy this critter!

Always more stuff on my page,

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