Creature design in photoshop with Dan Luvisi

This tutorial emphasizes a fact that I've been harping on myself - A single image can tell a whole story, and the details do the telling. Luvisi is animated, describing his images and laying out the story behind them. He's animated and clear-spoken, and he's clear with his techniques. I've followed his art and work for years on Deviantart, and was happy to hear more from the man himself. 


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    Well I must say I was a little disappointed with Dan Luvisi tutorial. I say this because there was no real drawing; it seemed like the tool itself was doing all the work. I don't feel like I learned anything from Dan Luvisi photoshop charater rendering DVD. I'm sorry, but I must be honest.
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    I like both of your reviews. They give a nice pro and con to this tutorial. It sounds like this is just a photoshop tutorial, which is great of that is what you thought it was going in. Stephen, did the summary of the tutorial mislead you into thinking that there would be hand drawn instruction as well? I have found that the summary and intro video don't always paint a clear picture as to how the tutorial will be.
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