Make a Monster - Plastic Bag Technology

This tutorial is amazing. The concept was something  I'd never thought of.  I love the organic movement of the monsters in this tutorial, the weight of the "monsters" as they move is so visible. As someone with more than a passing interest in traditional animation, the possibility of creating real-life squash and stretch with real weight is something I'm very interested in. The textures achieved and the coloration is such an amazing effect. Once I knew that this was the technology used to produce the slime creature from Men in Black, I was sold. I'm thinking about building a Zerg Hive for a party next halloween, and I can only hope my friends will have patience to help me build it... and my land lord won't be too upset with the cleanup. 


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    Nice review Shawn, This is one of the next tutorials I want to watch. Matthew
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    I'd like to see more of the finished product in action, for this and actually alot of the other fabrication videos.   I would be nice to see more of the puppeteering of the creatures and to see a sort of film test of the them.
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    Christopher VaughanChristopher Vaughan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi Adam, great suggestion. And we agree. The Bruce Fuller hag course will be showing the process all the way up to shooting a short with the hag. 

    Also, Ted Haines and Bill Bryant going all the way to a film scene with their upcoming webcourses. Keep a look out!
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