URGENT: NEED to CREATE fur body-suit & prosthetic mask for Indian MONKEY GOD, HANUMAN - Ramayan Film

My name is Sean Graham and I’m directing a film on the ancient Indian mythology The Ramayan. 

We’re making a trailer as a proof-of-concept for studios, and are looking for SCFX / creature FX studios to help us bring a very special monkey god to life using prosthetics. 

I love the work done by the incredible talent from Stan Winston and would like to see if anyone is interested in making a face and prosthetic body for Hanuman.

Scheduled to film mid-May. 6 weeks from now, in India.

Please note:

-The more uses we can get out of the prosthetic suit and mask, the better. We'll need a couple days on set.

-Please separate the mask and body requirements. If we can get both done great, but the face is our priority.

-Our Hanuman has armor, which makes the job challenging yet simpler - not all of him will have to be covered in fur 

-Let us know what range of movement and combat we can expect. Ideally, he’s running, swinging a mace, and fending off tackling demons. If he can duck and be moved around on stunt wires, we’d be ecstatic

If you look up Hanuman you’ll see he’s no ordinary mythical monkey. In India, he is *literally* a god. He has temples and no less than a quarter billion people worship him. Ergo this is a sensitive job. 

He needs to be attractive to the uninitiated, non-Indian viewer (primarily American audience) as well as not be too aggressive looking for Indians. 

An interesting character trait of Hanuman is that while he’s a warrior with no equal, he never gets angry or agitated. He’s zen before zen was a thing. Hanuman disposes with almost vulcan precision and dispassion. How this reflects on your build is of utmost importance. 

We are in the Bay Area and moving forward quickly. 

Please get in touch with me or my co-director Vineet at 408-634-9711 or email us at mailto:[email protected] [email protected] 

We’re still exploring whether to (a) Build suit in US and bring to India (b) Bring team to India and do it here, or (c) Do everything in US. We’d like you to help inform that decision. 

Thanks and looking forward to making Hanuman real!! 


Sean and the Ramayan Family 



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