Tutorial Review - How to make a beard

As someone who can't grow a beard, I was very interested in this tutorial. I wasn't as happy with this tutorial as with others, as the beard application is almost done in real time. I know this process is time consuming, but the camera work on this tutorial doesn't show very many angles of the work, or much detail of what he's doing. The information is good, but without better angles of his actual work, I'm not sure the exact technique to use. I'm also concerned that the spirit gum used is a bit dated. Do people not use prosaide or other, more flexible adhesives for facial hair? maybe I missed that part of the conversation. Mr. Anderson is a good teacher, but his focus is on his task, never on speaking to the student (Through the camera.), left my attention wandering as well. The details are great, but Mr. Anderson's subjects wander far afield from the facial hair at hand, and I found this a bit distracting. I learned from this tutorial, but I was hoping for something a bit more engaging. Your mileage may vary. 


  • I would have to agree this instructor knows his craft but could have been more engaging to the viewer still lots of good information here! For me who knew nothing about hair work, I learned a bunch.
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