A little over two years ago, I tried to build a prosthetic tail. I had four months, and after two false starts and a final result that didn't move properly, i was left dejected and depressed. I made a number of mistakes, all of which could have been averted if I'd just watched this video. From materials issues with the cables I'd used to pulley design, watching this video answered every question I'd had and then some. I wish I'd bought this video on DVD back then, because that tail would have been 1000% better. In just under three hours, you can learn from a master how to build any sort of tentacle mechanism. He even shows how to build a rudimentary pulley controller. From this video, I'm inspired to fix my old project, rebuild it, and make it work the way it always should have. 


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    This is a great tutorial. Richard really goes into detail on how to construct these mechanisms an controllers from really basic to more complex. It also does a great job of referring to the tools.

    Again though I would really like the links to specific site pages for the products like mcmaster carr and the hosmer site. I tried to look for the orthopedic cables mentioned for the latter and I utterly could not find them. While I don't necessarily mind patronizing the Stan Winston school for materials, I would like other options as well. Part of the fun is discovering these other sites and finding the materials spoken about.
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    Jack, I agree that there is a need for links to the sites that are mentioned, preferably to the part talked about. It took me a while to find the part at McMaster Carr. I feel having the links does help as you can then browse other products offered and might see something that sparks an idea for you. Matthew
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    David BoccabellaDavid Boccabella Moderator
    edited January 2014
    I loved this lesson and it has taught me SO much. Like Shawn I was trying to make a tail but the  universal joint system just did not work.
    Then this lesson with the info on Speed Cables as spines gave me the solution.. Many many thanks

    Re the cables - I found some very nice very flexible wire rope at a marine outlet. Its about 2mm diameter and is wonderful for going around pulleys.  I tried bike cables but they were just too stiff.

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    Loved the tentacle video. I will utilize this technique in my haunted house "experimental animals" room. Thanks
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