Prosthetic to Skin painting? (beginner)

I'll admit, the research I've done on this is minimal, due to the fact that the only resources I could find were some youtube videos by sources I don't think have any credit, so here is my question: 
How do you paint the human face, if it has silicone or gelatin appliances on it? 
Certain paints wont stick to silicone. (Are there kinds that do that are safe for the face, near the eye areas?) 
And gelatins, I know dissolve with certain things like alcohol or witch hazel. 
How do folks paint their faces with these types of appliances without getting crackles in the paint, or loosening the appliance?
Is there a recommended brand of makeup I should be looking for? 

(Keep in mind, I have not experimented yet. I have painted silicone props, but prosthetics are a different matter, I'm not about to put anything with naptha near my face!)

Thank you to anyone with advice!


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    Hi Kierstin,

    One common technique for painting appliances and skin, and getting both to respond the same to makeup is to seal everything before painting.  This is often done with Pros-Aide, or PAX paint (which is Pros-Aide mixed with acrylic paint)

    That is the method I use when working with foam, silicone, or gelatin appliances.

    Most of the paint work I do is with alcohol activated pigments.  Specifically Skin Illustrator by PPI.  Which is not ideal near the eyes due to the alcohol fumes.  When working near the eyes you can use water based makeup, cream makeup, grease paint, etc.

    Skin Illustrator also makes Glazing Gels that are water based and amazing to use around the eyes.

    As far as what brands you should look for to start out, I would try starting simple with an inexpensive product line like Ben Nye.  Their cream makeups are not very expensive, but relatively good quality.

    Grease paints are also a great type of makeup to start out with.  Wolfe Brothers makes great quality grease paints.

    Here are a few great lessons that may help get you started:
    Out of the Kit Makeup Effects
    Zombie Makeup: 3D Prosthetic Transfer Application
    Zombie Makeup - Appliances, Airbrushing, Lenses & Teeth

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    Thank you so much for your informative response, this is truly insightful. And thank you for all of your hard work across the forums, you're a real hero in my book! 
    I'll be sure to post my progress once this is all said and done. I have some mistakes to make! 

    Another question, will you be at the Monsterpalooza Stan Winston booth?
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    I'm always happy to help, and thanks for the kind words!

    I'm not sure if I'll be helping out at the SWSCA booth at Monsterpalooza, but I'll defiantly be attending and trying my best not to spend all my money on the show floor.

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