Jordu's Sculpting Tutorial - Excellent


Just wanted to say what a fantastic tutorial on sculpting.  Your clear explanation of technique as well as critique of your students work really brough this one home for me.  I learned quite a bit on maquette fabrication as well as I enjoyed your humor throughout the tutorial.

I will be getting out some clay soon and giving it a try. 




  • Jordu Schell sculpture creature design was off the chain!! I can't belie be was able to cover all that information in an hour and 20 mins. This man is AMAZING! He has a tremendous passion for the world of art and he has a really big heart to share his discoveries with us. The way he sculpted that bug man was a true treat to the mind. Thank you so much Jordu!!
  • I like this tutorial as well. Have been a fan of Jordu's work for many, many years. It is really great to watch him work and how he reacts to the questions from the class. I would have liked to see more of his talks with the others on the web.
  • I highly recommend Jordu's sculpture video, his work is outstanding and he is a great teacher! Keep them coming please!
  • Jordu is phenomenal being simply put. His sculpture teaching skills are off the charts. I love this video. He keeps it interesting not only with his abundant amount of info but keeps you laughing too. The ONE thing I didn't think I would like about this tutorial became my favorite and that was the critique of his students. I thought I don't care what they are doing I just want to watch Jordu, No. It became my favorite aspect of the video. To watch other really good artists sculpting along with Jordu and him critique was tremendously helpful because it allowed me to see things that I do in my sculpts and how to correct them and make them as Jordu puts it quite frequently, INTERESTING. Thank you for being in my mind alongside Don Lanning the reason for my sculpture abilities. You both are phenomenally amazing teachers and artists and I can't wait for your next tutorial.
  • All the Jordu tutorials are great! I hope to see more of them! I wouldnt mind to see him cover more creature maquette work! =) Thank you so much for the inspirational tutorials, it really got me moving with sculpture and painting
  • Thank you Jordu fir your tutorial. It is something new for me to begin with the skull and add8ng then other parts. I like very much your way that I think it is the school way to sculpt for cinema. I use what i learn from you to use it in my way...for my targets. They are beauty, nature, but also in some way character...there are some courses for sculpting animals ?
  • Hi Daria,

    Thanks for your review!   

    Most of our sculpting courses focus on humans/characters, but in terms of animals we do have a course on sculpting dinosaurs:

    Thanks again,

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