Ancient Alien (Fortune Teller Arcade Display)

Hello fellow creatives and E.T. enthusiasts! Im Rose, 25, based in Adelaide South Australia.

Last year in my final year of study (majored in prop making) I decided to go big and make not only an (animatronic) Alien bust (23 inches) but a whole 2 metre high display as well. It took a whole year from concept to completion and a lot of the advanced processes I went though making this were mostly new to me. I was heavily inspired by the Ancient Astronaut Theory and wanted to mix a stylised Mesopotamian look with the structure of an old Fortune Teller Arcade Game Machine (i.e. the movie big). Which also meant that i could get away with just making a bust! After initially making the display, I created the concept for my Alien and started sculpting it in Wed Clay, went onto making the biggest mould I’ve ever made, and then I made a inner fibreglass structure and then cast the silicone over the top of it. The Animatronic mouth was the hardest part, but i had a friend help me out because i had never done anything remotely mechanical I’m my life! I should also credit the stan winston school because i never would have completed this if it weren’t for their amazing tutorials. Overall Im incredibly proud of this piece and I’m also happy to say it sold! 

Thank you for your consideration 

- Rose


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