Animatronic membraned wings

Greetings, i have a question that i don't know how to fit in other form
What is the servomotor is most used on?

On animatronic is common use of servo motors, i am curious of the most used because i am looking for purchase a quality servo for a project, that involves large membrane wings movement(just fold and unfold)

The project involves a pair of servos(under quenstion here)and what would be the best materials to deal with?
some already at home when mentioned
(already acquired), arduino mega(already acquired), about 3 metres of spandex style red fabric(named as ''hitwist'' at store(not sure if it is the best), will add veins details with airbrush(already acquired) later), and i would like to hear suggestions of the best materials for wing be spread, tho i have some circuit in mind already drawn for use on arduino and virtuallly tested

OBS:since it is my first day here, i am not exactly aware of all rules, did made some search and found no closeby refference of my subject

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    "Chris Ellerby"  thanks for the quick answer
    I do not need for high speed on servos, just a 75 degrees turn(all avaliable here are 90 degrees), and i guess the hitwist fabric will not weight more than about 4 kilos(about 3 meteres long each wing, will be a dragon) all fabrics on wings are about that weight, i was thinking on order aluminum to make all movements needed, bamboo is also an option, but harder to find

    Sorry to mention that pure ''spandex'' is not an option, it tends to be to rare and expensive to be found for my intentions, and thanks for clear somethings
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    Again the big question is How Large are you wings.

    I have seen a few designs on the net that are large enough to be worn and use linear motors  to extend the wings.
    This fellow is a genius with them and has full designs and patterns

    Here are some links.. 

    Enjoy. I have made some test cases for Cos-Players however the cost of the motors etc not one has takes it further. Works out to be about $280AU for the linear motors.  These are available on Ebay both with feedbank and nonfeedback varieties.


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    Also just found this updated design. It gets rid of the linear motor issues.

    I'd recomment wiper or electric window motors for this :)


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    As i said will be a pair of membraned wings, about 3 meters spanwing, and again thanks for all refferences, now i need to recalculate weight on the servos, in needed purchase stronger ones
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