Whats your silent hill ?

Hey guys so i am having a  silent hill inspired halloween party next year . I am going to have the garage have fake silent hill rusted walls and i will most likly draw inspiration from silent hill the room . But i am having trouble thinking of things to put in the room besides the obvious things. I want every thing to have symbolism behind it just like the games. And i was wondering what you would put in your room ? What would be your silent hill?


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    Watch Jacobs ladder, blair witch 2, and The serpent and the rainbow. And a made for tv movie called "Sybil"

    thoughs for my silent hill; deep gashes in the walls that vent hot air, a putrid waxy buildup on, around and dangling from those gashes. 
    Tight Hallways that have either very tall ceilings or no ceiling at all; just darkness.
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  • I've always been a big fan of Halloween, which is why I started working in the Halloween and Haunted Attraction industry.  Silent his is a great theme for a room, as that game has such a strong visual language.

    When I design a room for a haunted attraction, or decorate for a party I tend to pull inspiration from a lot of sources.  Movies, TV, games, books, paintings.  I really like finding a theme, creating an immersive environment, and then trying to tell a story with every object in the room.  The details are the most fun.

    I hope you can post some photos of your party here!

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