Frame rate and scale

I just watched the miniature effects with Ian Hunter, I bought it because of learning frame rate and scale, andI thought I could apply the same techniques to spaceship photography.  He talked mostly about quarter scale, 1:6, and 1:24. Is it even possible to do shots in 1:48 scale?  I would be doing this out my garage with a sci-fi set.  Thanks.


  • The general principles of increasing the frame rate as you decrease the scale still apply.

    The challenge is that at smaller scales anything involving physics becomes moe difficult to pull off believably.  Moving water, fire, explosions, sparks, fabric, dust, falling/bouncing objects, etc.

  • Thanks,  the camera I have can't do high speed over 30fps.  Since I don't have the budget,  I may have to pull a Harryhausen.  Earth v.s the Flying Saucers style.  I may continue with this lesson though for later projects.
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