I've never used this forum but I'm in a bind so I'm looking for advice anywhere I can find it. Working on a project, unable to order GM or MONSTER MAKERS foam due to weather so I bought Icarus Foam from Imperial Surfaces. No info online, everyone I've spoken with says it's super finicky...
Has anyone used it? Good running schedule - tips- tricks???


  • I've never used that manufacturer before.  I would suggest running some small tests  to see how it gels/foams/bakes using a small mold to start.  Foam is so finicky that one person's results may be different than yours just based on their local temperature/humidity.

    I'm curious what your results are.

    Best of luck!

  • Thanks for the response! We actually finally tracked down someone who had used it before (same city we're in) and according to them it kept gelling while it was still in the mixer - and they're super experienced. So we ended up finding somewhere that had GM foam and returning the Icarus since we unfortunately didn't have time for testing and so much trial and error. From what I've managed to gather the Icarus is similar to Creature Foam from Mouldlife and when you CAN get it to work, it is amazing so I'm curious to try in the future when there's not such a tight deadline.
  • Glad you were able to get more info and source some GM foam.  I too am curious how the Icarus foam behaves, so if you get a chance to play with it keep us posted!

  • Just FYI, this foam is simply repackaged Alcone Foam Latex from Aquaspersions in the UK. Exactly the same as the Creature Foam.  Alcone, Creature Foam and Imperial Foam are the same product with different labeling and repackaged by different companies.

  • Be careful with Icarus. They will scam you on material amounts. List by volume and deliver by weight. (Ex. A 5 gallon of base rarely has more than 4-4.5 gal total. Or 16oz bottle is delivered in a container not capable of holding 16oz by weight or volume.) 
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