WED CLAY working time

I'm about to start using some WED clay I bought a few weeks ago and I'm curious on how long can the clay stay workable on an armature before it decides to dry up, even if you cover the sculpt with plastic bags and some wet towels to protect it if your tired of working on the sculpt for the day.

I understand its not that much like water-based modeling ceramics clay you can get anywhere's; but after a while it must reach some point of dryness that it could start cracking up, (if I've hadn't worked on it for quite a while).

I really like to know.


  • Hi Marc,

    If you keep the WED clay covered when you're not working with it and spritz it with water to keep it moist, I believe you can keep it workable indefinitely. I've had sculpts keep for weeks this way.

  • As Travis mentioned, you can keep it going for months if you keep it covered with damp paper towels and a garbage bag, in a cool/dark place, and check on it once or twice a week to refresh the paper towels.

    Thin areas will dry out first, so keep your eye on those.

    Eventually it can get a bit moldy though.

    For projects where you plan on sculpting slowly over weeks/months you may want to use a clay like Chavant NSP.

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