My first two works

I have done a couple with one still being a WIP.
Trying to do a portrait of Al Pacino
Just not working out for me.
Probably should of takin on a subject I could actually pull measurements off of.


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    I like them. The Native American Indian is very nice. I did an old Navajo medicine man back in 1985. If I can find the picture I will upload it. I really like the bone structure of the face. On the Al Pacino sculpt, see if you can get some side images to reference. You can use the pictures to help you get the measurements you need. An old trick is to make a grid over the picture. You can then add a light grid to your sculpture for reference for blocking out and spacing before you start to do any finish work. I hope that helps. What clay are you using there?
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    Great work, keep it up!
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