Polyester Resin - Does it expire?

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Hello Guys! Hey, I've got a question about Polyester resin! How long is it's shelf life? I'm asking because earlier today, I mixed up some polyester resin for a suit of pepakura armor that I'm working on, and the resin is still a honey-like consistency! And I added the hardener as instructed!
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    Actually, it eventually did cure! It must have been that the ambient temperature was below the recommended, retarding the curing process. It did kind of have a dark-brown color to it though!
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  • Glad it cured for you!  Most resins cure slower at lower temperatures, and faster at higher temperatures.

  • Perhaps if I did this in the summertime, and started right after breakfast, I'd have an armor piece ready for it's next coat by lunch time!
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