Some sketches I just finished.....

Hey fellow critter creators! are some sketches i've been working on and recently finished...Enjoy!!....(.P.S. sorry for the bad quality...I don't have a very good cam...)


  • I forgot to add... Num 1 pic is Master Chief....Num 2 pic. A creature of my own design called the Necrosaur....Num 3 pic. A sniper.....Num 4 pic. Jaws.....Num 5 pic. Battle scene between a knight and a monster.....Num 6 pic. Suchiomimus vs. Deinosuchus....Num 7 pic. A creepy creature I sketched....Enjoy!
  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Looking good!  I dig the Necrosaur design.

    Keep on sketching!

  • Thanks Chris!
  • I'm actually planning on making the necrosaur for comic con! I think it would be cool to come as something I designed!

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