Gimbal Source for Eye Mechs? As seen in "Animatronics: An introduction"

I'm looking to build puppet eye mech and I have struggled with a good mount for them. In the Animatronics Overview, Richard Landon shows a couple awesome little gimbals for the Catzilla eye mech. Any idea where I can find these? I have done a lot of scouring and come up empty.

FYI - Looking to build a direct, finger control.



  • I believe those were custom machined.  What a lot of folks that don't have access to a machine shop do is use very small universal joints, which provide up/down and left/right motion.

    Here is an eye design by Gary Willett that uses off the shelf 22mm universal joints:

    He gets the 22mm universal joints here, but you may be able to find other sources.

    Here is one of his eyes, with pen marks showing where the cable attachment points are.

  • Thanks, Chris!
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