Primer for resin figure

Hello all,

what primer would you recommend for a figure in resin? I paint in oils.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

All the best,


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    I would focus on primers that are intended to bond with plastics.  Any plastic friendly primer should work just fine for you. 

    Also make sure that your resin is fully cured and the surface is cleaned of any mold release or oils from handling.  I usually use 99% isopropyl alcohol for that step.

    Rustoleum makes some plastic primers I've had good luck with in the past, but your milage may vary.

    And as always when trying a new paint/treatment I would do a small test piece before spraying a full casting just in case you run into any issues.

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    Thank you for the info & the tips, Chris. I will see what's in the market in Greece.

    All the best,
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