Pre-skin skin for tentacle


I am making an animatronic tentacle/tail and I am not sure what to cover the moving parts with. What does one use to protect the moving parts from any glue that I use to put the final fur on? Is there a tube or sheath I can buy and use? What is normally used in the trade for this?



  • You can use materials like spandex, or "power mesh" which is a nylon material that has bi-directional stretch, so it stretches equally both horizontally and vertically.

    Materials like spandex tend to stretch more in one direction than the other.

    Both would require some minor sewing to match the shape of your tentacle or tail.  Use stitching patterns that will stretch as the fabric does, so the stitching does not inhibit movement. 

  • Hi Chris. Could I know what's the procedure for glue the power mesh pieces to make the sock that cover the core in the silicone casting? Thanks. Leo
  • Depending on what your process is, you can sew to the power mesh or use fabric glues.  The challenge is that the material is designed to stretch, so you'll want a glue that can stretch as well.  What glue you use will also depend on what your fur is backed with, or what other materials may be involved.

    Power mesh (or nylon) is often embedded inside silicone when it's cast to provide some tear strength.  Many silicone mask manufacturers place the mesh inside their mold during the casting process so the silicone encapsulates it.

  • Thanks Chris, I think that hand sewing could be better. You was very gentle.
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